Our research spans a broad spectrum of both basic and applied research in areas such as machine intelligence, intelligent robotics, spoken language processing, and machine learning.

Our research activities encompass a wide range of basic and applied research areas, including machine intelligence, intelligent robotics, spoken language processing, and machine learning. Recent research topics include domestic service robots, multimodal language understanding, language generation, time series prediction, space and environmental data prediction, imitation learning, and recommendation systems.


Machine learning and AI technologies have been applied to a broad range of fields, including agriculture, infrastructure, medicine, finance, automated driving and arts, and have achieved superhuman performance in object recognition, board games, and other intellectual processes.
We are constructing deep learning technology to classify and predict data that bridges the real world, cyber world, and human society. In addition, we are developing a basic theory of multimodal language processing techniques that interpret and explain the semantics of diverse data through language.

In most AI-related areas, it is not uncommon for new technologies to be immediately applied to real world systems, which makes theoretical and empirical studies strongly linked.
Therefore, we do not stop at experimentation in our laboratory, but work to implement applied systems that are truly needed by the users.
Our mission is to develop experts as an academic organization, and to implement machine intelligence to assist people and make a huge impact on society.


Past and current joint research partners and/or licensees

Apple / NEC Corporation / Kyoto City / National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) / National Institute of Informatics (NII) / CyberAgent / Computer Institute of Japan (CIJ) / Tamagawa University / Chubu University / University of Electro-Communications / Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI) / Tohoku University / Toyota Motor Corporation / Panasonic Corporation / Hitachi, Ltd. / Hitachi Solutions Technology / FEAT / Fairy Devices / Honda R&D / MiraiTranslate