We are looking for students and postdocs interested in machine intelligence that supports people.

Applicants for Master’s Program

If you wish to join our laboratory from other universities or laboratories, please contact Prof. Komei Sugiura by email.

Referring to the Admission Guidelines, the applicants must consult in advance regarding their research plan, basic academic skills, and research topics.

Entrance examinations for the master’s program are usually held in June and August. Please contact Prof. Sugiura to discuss your research topic by the end of March for the June entrance examination or by the end of May for the August entrance examination.

Please provide the following information when contacting Prof. Sugiura.

  • 1. GPA
  • 2. Language proficiency qualification (e.g., TOEFL and/or N1)
  • 3. List of scientific publications / List of softwares you have published
  • 配属希望の学部生
  • 配属希望の学部生

Applicants for Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program

If you wish to be admitted into the doctoral program, please send an email to Prof. Sugiura by the end of April. Please attach a publication list and any materials showing your research ability. Before an official admission interview in July, we have a pre-screening process to assess each applicant’s achievements and research areas.

The doctoral students with exceptional achievements may be paid salaries. For details, please feel free to contact Prof. Sugiura.

Project assistant professors / postdoc researchers

We have multiple open positions for project assistant professors and postdoc researchers. We provide a flexible starting date based on your situation. For further details and to apply, please feel free to contact Prof. Sugiura.

Available positions (number hired) for different research topics are given as follows:

  • Multimodal language processing (1)
  • Robot learning (1)
  • Domestic service robots (1)
  • Explainable AI (XAI) (1)